Straight paths and a grid of highways and byways. Colony homes. House Westerbeek of the Society of Benevolence. 'Huis van Weldadigheid' ... In Frederiksoord you can find many traces of the two-hundred-year-old Colony of Benevolence.

1818. Johannes van den Bosch and his Society of Benevolence want to offer paupers in the Netherlands a chance at a better existence. The Society therefore founded the Colonies of Benevolence. The first Colony was called Frederiksoord. King William I supported the initiative, which received international attention.

In Frederiksoord we tell the story of the Colonies, and you will discover many traces of the old Colony as you walk, bike or drive through. You will also see how the landscape and buildings have evolved.

Founded on
1818 as a free Colony
310 ha