Straight avenues and monumental buildings dominate the landscape in Merksplas. In the old days it was inhabited by vagrants, who were obliged to come to the Colony. Because they were poor, had begged or caused a nuisance. They worked and lived together. In 1993 this system came to an end.

There are no longer vagrants in the Colony, but their story is etched in the landscape. Merksplas is now an important heritage site with protected monuments in a protected landscape.

See for yourself and visit this special place! Get acquainted (soon) with the visitor centre, Colony 5-7, in the former swinery of the Grote Hoeve. Then continue your tour through the countryside, by bike or on foot. Those who seek to indulge their inner gourmet are also in for a treat.

Founded on
1825 as an unfree Colony
554 ha