Wilhelminaoord, Boschoord and Oostvierdeparten: three Colony stories in one. They were founded between 1820 and 1822 as free Colonies. Already in 1825, they were combined to form Colony II.

Wilhelminaoord is connected to the oldest Colony, Frederiksoord. You can easily compare the two: the spatial structure with straight, tree-lined avenues, the 'ribbon' development, the facilities – including a church – the cemeteries, the basket-making workshop, the farms, the former convalescent homes ...

Boschoord is situated on barren ground and was quickly planted with forest. This has given this partial Colony its own particular characteristics. Boschoord is now a nature and recreation area, with deciduous and coniferous forests, fens, heaths ... Boschoord lies partly in the National Park Drents-Friese Wold, one of Europe's most beautiful and important natural areas. There is also a large care complex here.

Oostvierdeparten, with its elongated shape, still has the landscape structure and avenue planting from the time of the Colonies, as well as some original colony homes.

Founded on
1820-1822 as an unfree Colony
779 ha