An area in which the old building structure is still clearly visible. With large, recognisable Colony farms. With archaeological traces of the quarter for Jewish colonists. Willemsoord, 14 km from Frederiksoord, has it all.

Willemsoord was a free Colony with its own structure. You will still see visible traces of it in part of the landscape: a crossroads as centre, straight avenues, open agricultural land, 'ribbon' building ... At the same time, the Colony has also changed since its sale in 1923.

Founder Johannes van den Bosch was particularly keen on the central square of Willemsoord: 'This will produce the marvellous effect of being at a height from whence one can oversee the entire layout. There is no more beautiful terrain for a Colony in the whole country, and nowhere is better ground to be found.'

Founded on
1821-1823 as a free Colony
131 ha