Publication Colonies of Benevolence

Cover boek.jpgThis book describes two hunderd years of history of the Colonies of Benevolence. It is a story of great ambitions: eradicating poverty and give people a better life. The scale of this project was unprecedented. This book on the world-wide unique history of the Colonies is written for a wide audience. 

An overview of seven Colonies of Benevolence
“The Colonies of Benevolence - An exceptional experiment" is the first book that gives an overview of the seven Colonies in the Netherlands and Belgium. It is a shortened English version of the nomination file of the Colonies of Benevolence that was submitted in January 2017 at UNESCO in Paris. Text and images allows the reader to get acquainted with the history of the seven Colonies.  

Where to buy? 
This English-language version of the book is for sale on the website: The book costs €7,90.